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Bonjour, Hello,

I have definitely been among the millions of people spending hours online each week,  to watch people doing some ‘cool’ or ‘crazy’ things!

One day, I told myself, I wouldn’t mind doing that too! So I got off my chair and started “plotting” something different and which definitely seemed exciting. And the rest is history. My life took an exciting turn and I would not change it for the world.

Sadly everything comes with a Price tag, but Patience and Willpower usually make things happen!! 

Just keep your eyes on the Price!


Go Out There & Explore!

I look forward to adding more awesome adventures to my Life.

Traveling alone to a foreign country, over a decade ago has been my biggest and longest adventure thus far, especially since I barely knew anyone where I was about to land! Trinidad & Tobago has been my home away from home ever since.

My native island, Guadeloupe (French Overseas Territory), is also located in the Caribbean Sea. I have therefore dedicated my 1st blog post to Guadeloupe. You can read it here.

Not so long ago, I used to think that years were meant to be added to my life. However, I’ve realized that I am rather meant to add life to my years!

My Life’s Motto is quite simple:

Work hard, Have Fun, Give Back, Repeat !!


For the past 4 years, I’ve left my comfort zone and routine to explore life in other ways, and doing so has greatly fulfilled my life. I now feel compelled to share my adventures with you.

Hopefully my outdoors adventures would encourage more people to try different/unusual activities and see that there is much more Wonders to enjoy beyond what they are already familiar with.

It’s also always a pleasure meeting like-minded people. Makes for awesome conversations and sometimes new friendships.

Also, I am taking the opportunity through this blog to raise about some awareness about the environment, wildlife and charitable causes.  Indeed, volunteering is something I also enjoy doing and it has deeply changed my perspectives on life, society and the planet.

Despite all the current negativity in our daily news, we must take time to appreciate the Wonders surrounding us, locally or abroad.




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