A Doom-Tastic Hike to 100-Steps Beach, Las Cuevas, Trinidad

Well guys, this post is about the last hike I went to in 2017.

To say that I ended my 2017 hiking adventures with a Bang would be an understatement. 

To be honest, I struggled, for the first time, to find a title for this post.

You see, things didn’t turn up as I expected when I went on that particular hike.

I almost titled this post as “A Taste of Doomsday at Las Cuevas” or “100 steps to a Crazy Beach”. Anyway, I didn’t know how to put it!

Who knows, maybe after you read this post, you could let me know what you think would be more suitable of a title and what you though about that tale.

So without further ado, let me try to take you back to that odd Sunday morning. 

A Hiker with a Heartbroken Soul

After driving behind the hikers group’s convoy for about 1.5 hour, we came to an improvised parking spot. This was meant to be the starting point for the so-called “hike”.

To my surprise, after barely walking for 10 minutes, we reached an area with steps leading to the beach. Actually, it would have taken me less time if i wasn’t stopping to take some photos/footages along the way!

So back to where the group stopped… Because some of the steps are broken, each person needed to use a small rope to reached the 2nd set of steps! 

Ok, finally something exciting… or so I thought… Nope, that was a short lived excitement…a few seconds down the short rope and I was on the remaining steps. Sadly, within a minute, I reached the last step and my feet touched the sand of the beach.

Hhmm…. say what?!!!

“So, that’s it?” I remembered asking one of the staff members.

I was indeed in total disbelief that the supposedly “hike” was over even though it was so obvious. You can imagine how heartbroken and confused I felt at that point! I didn’t even break a sweat!

And why are they (and other hiking group) even calling this a hike?!

100 Steps Beach, Las Cuevas, Trinidad & Tobago

Bored Like a "Beach"!

To add to my disappointment, I quickly noticed that it was high tide and that the water wasn’t safe to bathe in just yet.

This small secluded beach was deserted when we arrived. It didn’t take long for the hiking group to spread out. Everyone placed their bags on high grounds, before starting to relax and/or take selfies.

Yup, there’s pretty much nothing else to do!

I remembered pouting a bit, still in disbelief, while walking across the beach until I could find a spot to rest my belongings, on high grounds too.

Sadly, the high tide was knocking lots of debris (wood pieces, branches, etc.) on my feet and ankles, which turned out to be rather painful! Oouucchh!!

I asked one of the staff members when the low tide was expected (so we could enjoy a swim) to which he replied “Around Noon”…Oh bummer, that was so 2 hours away! Really?!!

I tried to take comfort by taking a few shots & videos with my camera, while being careful to keep the big waves from splashing on it. Then less than 10 minutes afterwards, I decided to pack my camera.

But getting hurt while taking photos is something I can only do for so long, right! And Hello, I do need my feet to drive back home 🙂 I don’t know anybody here!

I must admit the view from the beach is really Gorgeous though. Time to feel grateful and back to counting my blessings.

100 Steps Beach, Las Cuevas, Trinidad & Tobago

A Doomsday Twist

Now, image you’re sitting on a bench-like tree trunk while contemplating the choppy waters, trying to process everything that took place since you parked your car. 

Here I was trying to cheer up, smiling from observing the fun people were having while taking selfies. I suddenly started feeling better, doesn’t smiling do that to you too?

As you may have noticed, especially if you’re following me on Instagram (check my account here), I usually prefer being behind the camera.

Funny how I also happened to think at that very moment that this “hike” wouldn’t provide me with any content worthy of my lil blog.

Well now you must be wondering why I’ve decided to blog about it.

Let’s just say that Mother Nature spiced things up less than 10 minutes after I had that very thought. 

So while I was sitting and wondering what to do for 2 hours, which seemed awfully long, the disappointment didn’t make me particularly chatty at that point….

But then something happened that changed everything about the morning!


I was watching a few branches suddenly breaking off from a nearby cliff a couple meters opposite my “seat”. They fell into the ocean. Ok then!

That alone spooked the only two hikers who were standing nearby, with waters knee high. They quickly ddasshed out of the water, in panic.

Somehow we couldn’t help but just stare at that cliff from that point on.

Plooopp!…. Ploop!! …….Bbaam!!

More & bigger branches into the ocean, making a louder noise this time as they fell into the ocean. Now everyone  in the group is definitely staring at the cliff.

Then within 2 minutes, all jaws dropped when we witnessed a hhuuuggee chunk of the cliff itself broke off and “faint” into the ocean !!

Picture it as a similar thing icebergs do when they break off…as if a giant invisible hand was slicing it sideways.

Boooommmm!! Brrrrgghhh!!! Sounded more like a thunder actually!

A Massive brown wave ensued loaded with dirt, trees and other debris.

Everybody was in awe and speechless at what they had just watched unfold in such a short space of time. Some who were taking photos/selfies were lucky to still have their phones in hand and catch the whole thing on camera.

As for me I am just relieved my DSL camera who isn’t in a waterproof cover was safe in my bag.

Therefore, I can only offer you some Before & After shots, as you can see in My short Video here.

Photo by Oscar Sutton

Evacuation ASAP!! Goodbye Beach!

As a result of this sudden twist, the hike leaders quickly asked all of us to evacuate the beach …ASAP!

Spooky, Exciting and Thrilling turn of event!

Just so grateful these two smart hikers didn’t remain in the water, because that would have cause some serious injuries.

After reaching safe grounds (pun intended), away from the beach I was able to grab my camera to take the shots you’ll see in the video here, if you haven’t checked it out earlier on.

Then, of course, after such premature departure, everybody wondered what to do.

Well, the hike leaders decided to ask the group to follow them to a river located 10 minute drive away. The idea was to have a safe environment where they could share the lunch they had prepared  for all to celebrate the group’s last hike of the year.

Since I didn’t know anyone in the group, it turned out to be an ideal opportunity for me to mingle with everyone. Good food & great vibes only! Perfect!

Something good can often happens out of a bad situation!

Did Mother Nature ever throw something unexpected during one of your adventures? Feel free to share.

100 Steps Beach, Las Cuevas
100 Steps Beach, Las Cuevas

Safety Tips

This particular unpredictable natural hazard reminded me the following:

  • Personal Safety should always come first
  • Always expect the unexpected 
  • Be ready to dash out and run for cover (pun intended) at a moment’s notice.
  • Your life and well-being are more precious than any shot/footage
  • Anything is possible even on a sunny day (the soil was obviously still saturated from the previous days’ rainfall)

I also thought it would be nice to remind you of Essentials you should consider when going hiking (see my infographic below) which would also impact on your safety and wellbeing during a hike.

Must-haves when going Hiking
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