5 Charming Hikes Around The World

For those of you who are regulars to my blog, you would know that I fell in love all over again with hiking in 2017.

I have been overwhelmed by the many gems I’ve enjoyed in Trinidad during my day trip hikes.

My favourite hike was easily the one at Turure Watersteps, in Valencia, Trinidad.

I loved it because it’s an easy and quick hike, loaded with a multitude of waterfalls and natural pools to swim in. Yup, as you know, I’m such a waterbaby 🙂

As my first hike-related blog post for the year, I thought I would ask a few of my fellow bloggers to share with us one of their favourite hikes.

I particular like that their respective choice doesn’t include very famous hikes like Machu Picchu (Cuzco, Peru) or the Grand Canyon (Arizona, USA).

Therefore, you will have an idea about other nice hikes that this planet has to offer, even though they are not as famous. They too have their own charm.

Each bloggers below gives a short description, but you could also check their respective blog for more.

Enjoy and do let me know in the comments if you have done any of these hikes. You could also tell me what your personal favourite hike is.

Hiking the trails at Bryce Canyon National Park (Utah, USA)

This hike is Megan’s favourite and here is an idea of how the hike is and why it’s her favourite.
While Bryce Canyon might be a stop on a lot of Southwest USA road trips, I think it gets overlooked at the same time.  It has to compete with the nearby Zion National Park, where most people spend more time. However, Bryce Canyon is just as cool, in its own way. 
If I could only suggest one hike in the park, it would be the Navajo Loop/Queens Garden trail
The two trails connect and take you down into the natural amphitheater (not “canyon” I recently learnt), among the hoodoos the park is known for.  
This is an awesome hike in pretty much any weather, with the orange hoodoos glowing in the sun or blanketed in snow. 
Even if it’s foggy, there is still a magical feel to the park.  The hike isn’t too strenuous. However, it is tough getting back up, on your way out. 
Navajo Loop is just under two miles. Combined with Queen’s Garden, it’s closer to four miles. 
Along the way, there are a few other trails that you can branch off onto for a bit, to explore a little more, like Peek-a-boo Loop, before going back.  
I have been visiting more parks over the last couple years and this is still one of my favorite hikes among them all.
To read more about this hike, head down to Megan’s Blog (Red Around the World) here.
Hiking to Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA
Hike to Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA
Hike to Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA
Hike to Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA
Photos by Megan

Easy Hike to The Seven Sisters Cliff, Brighton, United Kingdom

Fellow blogger Eniko tells us about her favourite hike, which takes place in England.

The Seven Sisters Cliff walk is such an iconic hike in the UK.

You probably have seen pictures of the famous white chalk cliffs and the lighthouse at Beachy Head.

It is really easy to get there from London by public transport. We did a day trip. We took a train to Brighton and then continued our way to the Visitor Centre by bus.

There are many routes you can take. We decided to walk on top of the cliffs, all the way to Beachy Head.

It was a 6 miles walk on quite an easy terrain.

You can even do this walk with children. The only dangerous thing is that there is no fence at the edge of the cliffs. Therefore, you really need to watch the children and keep a good distance from the edge.

Many tourists like to take jumping pictures or sit at the edge of the cliffs. Unfortunately, this led to several deaths, as people ended up falling into the abyss.

Just be sensible and you will enjoy this hike!

There is a bus route between Brighton, the Visitor Centre, Birling Gap, Beachy Head and Eastbourne. So you are able to easily get from one point to another if you get tired.

You have beautiful scenery throughout the whole walk. Great ocean views!

I really loved this hike and would recommend it to anyone as it is easy to get to and not too difficult to do.

You can read more about this hike on Eniko’s Blog (Travel Hacker Girl) here.

Hike to The Seven Sisters Cliffs, Brighton, United Kindgom
Hike to The Seven Sisters Cliffs, Brighton, United Kingdom
Hike to The Seven Sisters Cliffs, Brighton, United Kingdom
Hiking to Seven Sisters Cliffs, Brighton, United Kingdom
Photos by Eniko

Hiking to a Wildlife Sanctuary in Vashlovani, Georgia

Now, let’s read about Karin’s favourite: Vashlovani in Georgia it is!

There are many diverse areas, perfect for hiking in the Caucasus region. The one you most probably haven’t heard of is located in the eastern corner of Kakheti, Georgia.

The National Park of Vashlovani is a sanctuary for wildlife: wolves, bears, jackals, and even gazelles live here freely. 

Only a few visitors find their way to the steppes, that have gained the surname of “Georgian Africa”, to this natural reserve. Most of them rent a 4×4 vehicle for their visit and observe the stunning landscape through their window.

However, it is also possible to hike or visit with your bicycle or motorbike.

The trail leads you on mostly flat terrains, with views of strangely shaped rocks and many endemic plants.

It is not uncommon to see footprints of wolves and other animals, or hear them howling at night.  Another challenge is the lack of water sources in this arid area. 

Although the paths can get muddy in rainy weather, the hike itself is relatively easy if you are used to walking for several days.

If you are lucky, you might even see a few gazelles. They are being reintroduced to the area, with the ongoing project of the local Visitors’ center.

In any case, observing the wild nature of this reserve, the wonderful sunsets and infinite stars at night are rewards for every avid hikers.

Feel free to read more about the National park of Vashlovani on Karin’s Blog (Girl Astray) here.

Hiking in Vashlovani, Georgia
Hike in Vashlovani, Georgia
Hike to Vashlovani, Georgia
Sunset when hiking in Vashlovani, Georgia
Photos by Karin

Mt John Walkway/Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

Now Rachel tells us about a hike taking place in New Zealand. 

One of my favourite hikes (how can I pick just one!) has been the Mt John Walkway and then return by the lakeshore – a 3 hour loop around Mt John near to Lake Tekapo on New Zealand’s South Island. The hike is incredibly scenic, a little challenging, but so worth the effort.

We visited last September (so during their spring and during the shoulder season) so the trail was really quiet. Also, we had the perfect weather, so I would really recommend going at this time of year.

The trail’s elevation initially rises really quickly, and I found it slightly challenging to begin with. However, after about 2 kms, the hike becomes less steep, and a more gradual elevation through the woodland until you reach the open tussock land.

Then, there was the summit of Mt John. From the peak you get incredible views over Lake Tekapo and the stunning snow capped Southern Alps in the distance.

At the top, there is a stargazing observatory (run by the University of Canterbury) and a cafe. You can stop there for a break and take in the beautiful views in style if you like!

After the Observatory, the hike snakes back down to the other side of the mountain. It’s really well signposted/marked and easy to follow. Then, you can simply follow the lovely lake shore back towards the village.

Mt John Walkway was one of my favourite hikes in New Zealand, because of the unexpected beauty from the top – the glacial blue of the lake below and the Southern Alps rising in the distance, the wonderfully crisp and fresh air at the summit. Also, the fact that we almost had the place to ourselves made it extra special.

To read more about this hike, head out to Rachel’s blog (Rachel on Route) here.

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand
Lake Tekapo, New Zealand
Mt John Walkway, New Zealand
Mt John Walkway, New Zealand
Photos by Rachel

Hiking to Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh, Scotland

Last, but not least! It’s Stephanie’s turn to tell us about one of her favorite hikes. Let’s go to Scotland!

One of my favourite hikes is Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland. From afar it looks like a crouching lion, waiting for you to test your luck.
While there are plenty of things to do in Edinburgh, one of the best things for outdoor enthusiasts is to hike to the peak of Arthur’s Seat.
Located at the edge of downtown Edinburgh, in the 650-acre Holyrood Park, Arthur’s Seat is the highest point in the city. Formed by an extinct volcano, it rises over 800 feet above sea level.
While Arthur’s Seat is shrouded in mystery, with tales of King Arthur and even a strange find of 17 miniature coffins, this pales in comparison to the sweeping 360 degree views from atop of Edinburgh and further afield.

There are numerous trails to the peak of Arthur’s Seat, ranging from easy to hard. But the most famous trail is along the Radical Road.

The trail starts right across the street from Holyrood Palace. It’s a steep ascent, and I recommend proper footwear – especially since you never know when the weather may change. Dirt paths and loose rocks can be dangerous in the rain.

The Radical Road leads you to the astounding cliffs of Salisbury Crags that tower above you. And from there, most of the paths are narrow and steep at times.

The total hike will take you anywhere from one to three hours. And I encourage you to soak in the incredible views from Arthur’s Seat, especially if you have a clear day.

Read more here as Stephanie tell us more about this hike on her blog (The World As I See It).

Hike to Arthur's Seat, Edinburg, Scotland
Hike to Arthur's Seat, Edinburg, Scotland
Hike to Arthur's Seat, Edinburg, Scotland
Photos by Stephanie

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  2. I actually just learned about the Seven Sisters earlier today – how crazy! One of my favorite hikes [and I’m not really a hiker] is the Pillbox Hike in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. It’s definitely doable for people who are like me, with hiking not necessarily being their forte. And the views once you reach the top is incredible!!

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