New Year’s Resolutions: Why Bother?

From since I was a teen, I realised that I believe in New Year’s Resolutions as much as I believe in Santa!

These past couple weeks, one of the most popular topics of discussion is about New Year’s Resolutions…of course!

Read on, if you want to hear my perspective on that “tradition” and what I suggest people should focus on instead. 

Actually I felt compelled, since i have a blog, to share my two cents  🙂 and I would love to hear your thoughts on whether or not making New Year’s Resolutions makes sense to you (and why).

My life is not perfect but I thought I’d share what works for making my life better.

Old Tradition, yes!! So What ?

Okay so, granted, this New Year Resolution tradition is over 4,000 years old (read more here). But that certainly doesn’t mean I should follow it!

Like everything else, it’s all about choices, so no hard feelings towards those who religiously make a list of resolutions each year. After all, To each his own.

However, we surely have all heard over the decades that the oh so popular trend of making New Year’s Resolutions is just that…a popular trend.

I am indeed unable to find any statistics suggesting that I should feel encouraged to start making New Year’s Resolutions like most people do and to be honest.

Have a look here at a few stats, if you wish to read some stats for one of the Western societies, which more or less make New Year’s Resolutions.

We all know too well by having read articles over the years that hardly anyone follow through with their resolutions within a month or 2 after January 1st!

And it doesn’t matter what kind of topics these resolutions touched on: better health, finances, relationships, etc.!! 

It just doesn’t stick!

Making Resolutions really doesn’t guarantee that your “wishes” will come through during that year. 

Never Settle
Photo by Ryan Riggins

Popular Trend? No Thanks!

Are you falling into Trends just for Following Sake?

You can already assumed that I don’t like trends, per say. I would rather stick to whatever I enjoy, period. Whether it’s trendy or not.

It’s very simple. If I give something new a try and I realize I like it, then that’s it. I will not do something because it falls under the Trends category. I’ve pretty much always been like that all my life.

If sometimes that would mean being in my own ‘bubble’ enjoying whatever, without any of my friends tagging along, well so be it.

Some people prefer trends because they are afraid to be different. Solitude is also something many cannot cope with, so they rather follow trends in an attempt to “fit in”.

Another example: do I love Apple products? Yes, that company has lots of great products. Am I interested to buy an iPhone/iPad/Macbook each time there’s a new model on the market? Heck no!!

Why buying anything new when you already have one which still functions properly!!

To each his own, but I’ll stick to my ways!

After all, I did tell my mum at the tender age of 4, and  to her surprise, that I didn’t want her to buy any dolls for me in the future!! (aaaww!))

So Trends, no thanks I’ll keep on doing my thing! Whatever rocks my boat 🙂


Golden State of Mind
Photo by Mike Wilson

G for Goals!

Unless you turn your resolutions into goals, it would be rather pointless/hopeless to bother making any.

And what’s the point waiting for a new year to set new goals anyway! You can and should do that at anytime you feel appropriate!

Have resolutions become a way for businesses to prey on those resolution-making potential clients?

Say “No” more often!

I learnt to say “No” in recent years and i have been able to have a more fulfilled life from ever since.

There’s something quite satisfying about knowing that you can focus on something and that no one can distract you.

Although I learnt to say “No” very late in life, I’m terribly grateful it’s no longer a painful word for me to burp out!

Yes, peer pressure is real, but not invincible!  FOCUS is the ideal antidote!

Photo by Stefan Cosma
Photo by Stefan Cosma
Run from Fear
Photo by Jake Lucifer

Stop caring so much about what people think of you

“People should be careful who they let in their close circle”.

I also only realised how valid and precious that advice is.

Having the wrong persons in your life could slow or stop you from ever achieving what you are meant to be/achieve and tap in your full potential.

Yes, it’s normal that Life comes with its many challenges and obstacles and no one can get away from those (not even Oprah).

However, sometimes, being more aware of your surroundings does help greatly. 

No matter what you do, people will have something to say about it, good or bad, so just do what suits your own happiness… Even if that include making that list of resolutions 🙂

The more you do that the more often you would find yourself wondering why you didn’t do this or that any sooner!!

Remember how I gave my 2 cents about stereotypes last year (read here if you missed that). Well yea, if I’m the only black woman in the air Paragliding or Scuba Diving, or anything else, well, so be it! I’ll continue having my kind of fun regardless!!

Photo by Andrew Neel
Photo by Ross Findon
Photo by Ross Findon
Photo by Austin Chan
Photo by Austin Chan

Inspiring Quotes

I thought i would be ideal to end this post with a few of my favourite quotes, hoping it would bring you some inspiration or motivation, should you need any.

I also would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best for 2018 and to Thank you for your support.

Inspirational Quotes
Do Something Great. Photo by Clark Tibbs
Photo by Clark Tibbs

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  1. Some great reminders for all of us Sylvia. And I agree I like to use the word goals more than resolutions and even better you can set goaks any time. Happy new year.

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