Best Gift Ideas for Outdoors Enthusiasts


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Ho Ho Ho !!! Yea, a bit cliché,  I know right!!  2018 is definitely no gonna be the year we won’t hear these three words, huh!

Indeed, as you know, it’s that time of the year when people are literally running all over the place, browsing and shopping around for Gifts. They’re all on a hunt for good deals & ideal gifts. Therefore, to those who have adventurous family members and friends, I have compiled a list for the best gifts out there.

WARNING! Only purchase things on this list if you wish to make someone extremely happy during this festive month or on any other special occasion (birthdays, graduation, etc.) throughout the rest of the year.

Yup, that means that I advise you to also Bookmark and/or save this post on your Pinterest board! Thanks 🙂

This list is comprised of items I own or that I’ve selected based on hours of research. My Criteria includes:

  • Quality & Durability
  • Features
  • Design, size & weight
  • Brand’s reputation & reviews

Anyway, enough talking, let’s get to the list!

I hope you enjoy this list and find one or more items to purchase for your loved ones (or for yourself). Let me know in the comments what you think about the list and what else you would suggest as an ideal gift for outdoorsy folks.

best gift ideas for outdoors enthusiasts


Staying Hydrated is a must in one’s daily life. It’s important to have enough water when enjoying the outdoors.

Some people prefer durable & secured bottles to hydration backpacks, so here are my picks:

On my Resources page, you’ll see the hydration backpack I have been using for over a year or you could click here.  I love it and it’s way cheaper!


This Garmin Fenix 5X Saphire smart watch is for the very active outdoors person and seems to be the best model in this particular field.

It tracks Multisport and has many features that would make many thrilled to accompany them on their adventures.

If you look for something less rugged but more classy, you can check out the Apple Watch Series 3, which has similar features. Not to worry, you can buy screen protectors for that sleek-looking watch, if you’re afraid to scratch it 🙂


When you think outdoors adventures and camera, 2 things come to mind: Action-camera and DSLR cameras.

Go-Pro is undeniably the leading brand when it comes to action-cameras. The GoPro Hero 6 will surely put a smile on anybody’s face, right!

But if you can’t afford one, just yet, read here why I chose to buy an alternative, good Value-for-money action-camera, from the brand Apeman.  I am loving it: just ideal for softer types of activities (and since i am not an Extreme sport gal…)

When it comes to DSLR Cameras, I would like to recommend a good entry-level model: the Nikon D3400.

This Nikon model is made both for people new to this type of camera, but also for people with more experience.

I recently got mine and since the photography class i took years ago is a blur, I also got this superb easy-to-read book by David Buschke. Now I just need to set aside some time to shoot 🙂 You might want to Follow me on Instagram, for some exclusive shots.  

And if you want an ideal camera bag when heading for the outdoors, I am totally in love with my Amazon Trekker Camera Backpack. It’s so roomy and it comes with a rain cover!


Depending on how much time you’ll be spending in the outdoors, and how much gears, food and water supply you will need, you’ll have to choose a suitable backpack.

I picked one for someone who would only spend a couple hours to a full day out there. Meet the Deuter Speed Lite 20.

Then I thought of those who would overnight. Then the Deuter Traveller 70+ Backpack should do the job.

For a cheaper alternative, one of my backpacks, the Oricsson water resistant one, is on my Resource page or you can click here. I use it for some of my daytime adventures. It’s foldable, so it’s an extra bonus, especially when packing for holidays!

Hiking Shoes

When it comes to Hiking shoes, some prefer sneakers (with great grip), while others prefer waterproof boots .

Here are my picks:

I’m pretty sure any of these will do. Just make sure this gift comes in the correct size 🙂

Wetsuit Booties

For all waterbabies like me out there who are looking for a good pair of wetsuit booties, i will definitely recommend the Mares wetsuit booties.

They are super comfortable, durable and their grip is awesome. Easy to clean and dry quickly too.

I mostly wear my pair to enjoy watersports like Paddle boarding/SUP, kayaking, etc.

Of course, I also used it to hop on a boat, to take me Scuba diving or on a tour.  No slipping around on the boat with these on! Flip flops are definitely not the best things to wear on a boat, right!

You might be tempted to wear these to go on a hike, you know the short ones with a beach, waterfall or river as the “reward”. However, I’ll strongly advise against wearing them out on hikes, no matter how easy or short they are. They are simply not meant for that much walking and your feet will hurt! I learnt this the hard way! 

You could use them as water shoes though.


I grew up watching MacGuyver (American TV Show), so I know that a knife is always handy to have.

I would love to get myself a Le Duck Knife in my backpack, just in case. One just never knows, this gift could save a life!

Waterproof Wallet

To avoid having to secure their wallet in a waterproof pouch (or worst, a zip lock bag), here is a better option.

The Sharkk Aluminium Water Resistant Wallet can keep your cards and IDs safe from whatever adventure. Not a typical gift that people think of, until one start to think about how/what to pack 🙂


Flashlights are always good to stash in your backpack when taking off for an adventure.

I am guilty for often forgetting mine but hey, that’s already on my list of resolutions for 2018 🙂

I chose these types of flashlights, bearing in mind different adventures you could need them for.

The Petzl-Reactik+ headlamp model is ideal to go hiking, jogging/walking at night or exploring natural caves.

Then a small and light-weight, but yet powerful handheld flashlight,  would be handy to have around anywhere. I am referring to the Fenix PD35 TAC 1000.

Small-size gifts are just as good!


I decided to end this exciting list of Gift Ideas on a super good note… pun intended :-).

Indeed, one of my favourite gadgets for the past years has been the Powerbeats3 Wireless In-Ear Headphones. I actually got hooked from its predecessor (Powerbeats2).

I enjoy the quality of the music from these, the light-weight for everyday use, in the city or in the outdoors. Of course, its 12-hour battery is ideal and it charges quickly too. Rainproof and Sweatproof! Come on, what more do you want?!

Actually, you could opt for another good item, which does without the wire altogether:  the Bose SoundSports wireless headphones!

When the birds stop chirping, plug these in for some good vibes!

Happy Shopping!

All the Best for Season

To You & Yours!

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  1. I’ve really been on the hunt for another camera for our 2018 trips, and the Nikon D3400 sounds like a good choice.. Definitely showing this to my husband! 😀 And that waterproof wallet seems like my kind of item.. Planning several beach trips this summer! 🙂 Cool list, btw! 🙂

  2. This is a great list! Thanks for sharing the GoPro alternative! I was just thinking how I want a Go pro, but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on it. I’m going to look into the Apeman option.

  3. Um, wow, I haven’t ever thought of any of these things before! It’s great to have some good options for those really adventurous, outdoorsy types (who already seem to have the basic stuff)

  4. This is a great list of gifts! I want to start doing some more serious hiking on my travels. I’ll have to request some of these things for Christmas this year.

  5. As an outdoor enthusiast I would seriously appreciate any of these wonderful gifts. Fantastic post. Sending it to a few secret santas hehe

  6. What a great list! I think I may be in need of that waterproof wallet. I’m also on the hunt for a new watch, and a new travel-friendly backpack. I’ll have to look more into your suggestions! Thanks for compiling this list!

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