Top 3 Lookouts in Trinidad!!! Must-See Panoramic Views!!

Often times, it’s good to know where the best lookouts are. Most people enjoy a nice view, either to relax or for photo ops, or both!

So I’ve decided to let you in on the Top 3 Lookouts you will find in Trinidad.

You will find a VIDEO (click here)  or at the end of this post to have a better look at these 3 amazing spots.

PS: For Safety reasons, women should not visit these sites alone.

San Fernando Hill: South Trinidad's Finest Lookout

This hill officially became a Natural Landmark in 1980. It offers breathtaking views of the nearby residential neighborhoods, oil refineries and the Gulf of Paria (bay).

Entrance to the park is free, unless it’s hosting an event.

Where is it located?

This landmark is located in San Fernando, a 45 minute drive from the capital, Port of Spain.

San Fernando is situated in South Trinidad and is the country’s second biggest city. This buzzing town is key to the country’s oil and energy sector. 

Road signage to get to San Fernando are easily available.

San Fernando Hill is no more than 15 minutes drive after exiting the highway (San Fernando Bypass).

However, it’s best to use an App (eg. Google Map, Waze, etc.) to get to San Fernando Hill, as there is not any road  signage to get you there otherwise.

You could also stop along the way and ask locals for directions to the hill. 

What’s on site?

  • Picnic tables
  • Play Park
  • Public Washrooms
  • Parking


San Fernando Hill- One of Trinidad's Best Lookouts
San Fernando Hill, Trinidad

Fort George: What an Impressive Lookout!

This site offers Panoramic views of St James, the nearby cities, including the capital, as well as the Gulf of Paria (bay).

From the Fort, you also have a clear view of The World’s Largest Round-About: The Queen’s Park Savannah. Read my post on it here.

Entrance to the Fort is free.

Where is it located?

This fort is located in St James, also referred to as “The City that Never Sleeps”.

Access is from the city’s main road, (Western Main Road). Take Fort George Road located at the Western end of St James and proceed straight (uphill) until you see the Fort’s sign on your left-hand side. It’s a slightly steep ascent up to the top of Fort George road. It’s a winding road, which is also not very wide. It doesn’t always have clear visibility for cars coming in the opposite directions. Drive accordingly. 

What’s on site?

  • A building with some history on the fort  & the country.
  • Cannons
  • Jail House Carcel
  • Binoculars
  • Benches & Picnic tables
  • Public Washrooms
  • Parking


Fort George, St James - One of Trindad's Best Lookouts
Fort George, St James - One of Trindad's Best Lookouts
Views from Fort George, in St James, Trinidad

Lady Young Lookout

This lookout offers panoramic views of the capital.

You get an overall view of the tallest buildings in Downtown Port of Spain, including the Twin Towers, which one can find printed on the local currency. 

You can also see the Hasely Crawford National Stadium, the machinery at the Port and part of the Queen’s Park Savannah. 

No entrance fee here as it is an open area, much smaller than the other two lookouts.

Where is it located?

It’s within 15 minutes drive from the Queen’s Park Savannah, the World’s Largest Round About. Read more here.

Lady Young Road is easily accessible from the Queen’s Park Savannah. The lookout is a wide parking.

For safety reasons, please avoid lingering here for too long, especially if the food vendors aren’t opened. Crime and theft are common in this neighborhood.

What’s on site?

  • Street Food vendors
  • Parking


Lady Young Road Lookout, Morvant, Trinidad

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  1. Wow, this has really made me want to get to Trinidad – those views look fabulous. Is it quite easy to get between the 3 sites? Is it best to hire a car?

    1. Aaaww, you should come visit! It’s easy to do all three only if you go during the week-end! Otherwise, you’ll face some serious traffic! For safety reasons, it’s best you hire a taxi to go to these. It’s nicer in real than on whatever footage anyone can take 🙂

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