The Most Scenic Hike in Trinidad: Turure Watersteps!


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Oh yes, the most scenic hike, to me, is easily the one leading to Cumaca Falls, also referred to as “Turure Watersteps”! If you love waterfalls, you will have a feast on this hike! For waterbabies like me, it’s amazing to see so many in one hike. I lost count of how many I saw that day.

How to Get to the Waterfalls?

The hike’s starting point is located in a town called Valencia, located in North-East Trinidad. It’s a 1-hour drive (without traffic) from Port of Spain, the capital.

From Valencia’s main road (Eastern Main Road), head East until Cumaca Road. Although this road’s entrance is paved, it quickly turns into a dirt road, until you reach your destination. Lots of gravel! But no worries, if you drive a Sedan you’ll be fine. You don’t have to have a 4-wheel drive. You will simply have to take your time and you’ll be fine!

Look out for the 1st bridge, located a short drive after you pass the Cumaca Quarry Office. You can park on the side of the bridge and start to hike North. 


Here is a Video about this heavenly place!

Turure Watersteps, Trinidad

Hike & Waterfalls: What To Expect?

It takes 30-45 minutes to reach the first set of waterfalls from where you’d have parked. The hiking trail isn’t marked, so it’s best to hike with an experienced guide.

This hike is an easy one, rated 3 out of 8 on the scale of difficulty. However, I must warn that one would have to spend half of the hike crossing rivers along the trail to the various waterfalls. One must also maneuver with caution when crossing the rivers. You wouldn’t want to slip and break something, so be careful. The rivers are ankle or knee high on a sunny day. Many of the rocks found here are very slippery. Since the water is clear you should be able to see where to walk (on a sunny day). Between rocks is the safest thing to do.

The waterfalls (sorry, I’ve lost count of how many I saw) vary in size & heights. There’s also a wide variety of natural pools to bathe and relax in. The way these pools and waterfalls are naturally shaped and laid out, often makes them look like steps. Hence the name!

The limestone rocks give a lovely color to the water throughout. Mother Nature did really well here! I’m in awe!!

When you reach a waterfall, you can stop, enjoy it and then proceed to the side to reach another, with a few pools in between, which you could enjoy too if you wish.

You might find it pretty difficult to put away your camera! Make sure your camera battery is full!

Turure Watersteps, Trinidad

What To Bring Along?

In addition to wearing a pair of shoes that has a good grip, you may want to also pack a pair of water shoes. Indeed, the latter would help you relax in the pool without having to feel the small rocks inside the pools/waterfalls flooring. As in most rivers, also expect a few bigger rocks which you might not be able to see. If you don’t have watershoes, please keep your socks on.

Of course, you must ensure to carry enough water, snacks and medications if you have any you might need (allergies, etc.). A first aid kit and a flashlight could come in handy too should anything happen.

Do ensure that your electronic equipment (cellphone, non waterproof camera, etc.) are properly secured in a waterproof pouch.

Because of the location of this fall, it would be best to do this hike first thing in the morning.

Most of the trail is in the shade, thanks to the lush forest, so it’s no big deal if you forget your sunblock (like i did). On a perfectly sunny day, I walked in the sun for less than 5 minutes during the entire hike!

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Let me know in the Comments when was the last time Mother Nature has blown your mind away!! This hike surely has a special spot in my heart!

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  1. Those waterfalls look incredible! I would definitely love to hike up to them! Thank you for all the details and tips about the hike (and for mentioning the need for water shoes. I forgot to bring them to a rocky beach once, and I definitely agree that feeling tiny rocks dig into your feet is not a pleasant feeling).

  2. I love waterfall swims! This looks amazing. What type of accommodation is there on Trinidad? Would love to know more cool trips like this trek and some typical Trinidadian food 🙂 keep up the great work Sylvia

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