How to Buy a GoPro Camera When You’re Broke!!


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You must be wondering how a “GoPro” camera and such cheap option to acquire one came together to form the title of this blog post.

It turns out that everywhere I’ve been taking my action camera, people would stop and assume it’s manufactured by GoPro. My answer usually is something like “No it’s a different brand, but it works for me and it gets the job done.”

I have no doubt that GoPro is the most known brand in the world when it comes to the Action Camera Industry. As a consequence, GoPro has turned into a Household name, just like most people referring to Google to refer to an Online Search, or those referring to a fridge by using the word Frigidaire. You get my drift I’m sure!


I am glad for those who can afford GoPro’s Price Tag. One of these are usually between US$150 and US$400. For now, I can only hope I’ll get one, someday.

However, I am very grateful for having found the APEMAN A60 whose quality and ease of use have proved me to be great value for money.

I bought one a couple months ago and have since documented some awesome memories with it.

I shared some of them with you on my blog. I refer to, if you missed it before, videos from these earlier posts:

The World’s Largest Round-About 

– Hiking vs Hashing

Zip Lining in Trinidad

I must admit that I have some concerns for purchasing a GoPro which I don’t have with the Apeman. The thoughts/fear of losing, breaking or being robbed of such pricey items.

Even seagulls and squirrels still them!! YouTube have lots of videos about that but that’s solely for those owners who were lucky to retrieve it afterwards.

Oh well, I guess I am not in a hurry for that GoPro anymore!


So as I said, I am out and about and I am happy with my cheaper action-camera: the Apeman A60 (Get it here)

Without going all technical on you, I can say that it pretty much does everything such type of camera does.  It also offers different formats. However, it’s not recommended to film Extreme sports.

The thing is that it’s not like I’m going to snowboard through an avalanche or surf on a beach with the highest waves, lol. So if your outdoors are pretty much like mine, you’ll probably be just fine.

The APEMAN A60 comes with a couple accessories. These accessories are nicely tucked in a carrying case, which has several compartments. These accessories includes a waterproof and a non-waterproof case, which are all easy to mount.

So far, I prefer to use the Apeman to take videos, as I have other devices to take photos with.

You can read more about the camera’s features on Amazon when clicking on the camera’s ad banner below.

This very affordable action camera only cost me 3 times less than the cheapest GoPro would. Click here if you choose to go for such great value for money. 


Because of my increased appetite for the outdoors, I have decided to buy 2 additional sets of accessories.

The EEEKit Accessories Starter Kit 

This starter kit works just fine, even though it is originally meant for GoPro. It is compatible with the Apeman as well.

This practical set includes:  

  • a mount for your Helmet or Head,
  • a mount for Bicycle,
  • a mount for Dash cam use (see my video here, where I drove around The World’s Largest Round-About)
  • a Chest mount.

The kit comes with a Manual to explain how to use the pieces of the kit together for whichever use you chose. Click here if you choose to buy it.

If one day you do upgrade to a GoPro, you won’t need to get extra accessories!

EEEKit 8 in 1 Starter Kit

The APEMAN Waterproof Selfie Stick with Tripod

Because of the unpredictable rainy showers, I have also bought a waterproof selfie stick which is also sold with a tripod mount for the camera or your smartphone.

Most times I would join Outdoors Tours by myself. Therefore, these 2 pieces come in extra handy for documenting my activities without needing someone’s help.


You cannot use your camera without inserting a Micro SD card in it.

Do note that the camera is not sold with a Micro SD card, as stated in the product’s description. It also only supports cards up to 32GB maximum.

Those are sold everywhere. However be careful which type and brand you choose to buy.

It’s in your best interest to ensure you buy the type of card recommended for a specific product. The manufacturer indicates the specs so you must only get a card with said specs. It will ensure ideal compatibility and functions of your device.

You don’t want to buy a card that won’t fit your camera, nor cause it to malfunction/stop working.

My go-to brand for micro SD card is SanDisk as I don’t have to worry about the card failing to work for no reason.

I leave the size of the card up to you as you might have needs for smaller size cards. I chose a 32GB. However you can choose a 16GB, if you don’t film for long. Anything smaller, and you might run out of space quicker than you thought.

Do note that you don’t have to buy a Micro SD Card Reader.  You can simply plug the camera with a USB cable, to offload its content straight onto your computer’s hard drive or external drive.


I don’t know what your computer’s hard drive is like.

Hopefully, you do have lots of space available and storing all the memories you would make with this camera won’t be an issue when it comes to storing them.

In case you are not so lucky, you should invest in an external drive.

It gives you peace of mind to know your memories are safe and easily accessible.

I got myself a 2TB Adata HV620 External Drive, because I knew I was about to run out of space on my hard drive. You can buy it here for the 2TB or here fore the 1TB.

The size of your external drive should depend on how often you intend on using your new action- camera. 

Videos are usually very large files, much more than photos.


Pieces of the Puzzle

I would admit that it can seem a bit overwhelming at first to have so many pieces at once.  

Indeed, shortly after opening the various boxes, I closed it all back. I chose to explore its content it when I was well rested instead.

lt turns out that I did order all of the above at once. The only exception was the external drive, which I purchased 3 weeks later, when it was obvious I couldn’t do without it. My hard drive filled up quickly with all the video content I had taken with my camera.

When I felt rested, I went through everything to see the purpose & function of each element.

Please do read the manuals and don’t be afraid to experiment with assembling and disassembling mounting everything together BEFORE you take your camera out for some fun.

The camera’s LCD screen is user friendly, so you will get around its features quite quickly.

Choose Your Puzzle 

What would take some time is the different ways to mount your camera’s protective case with the various accessories.

Discovering that you forgot pieces/screws while in the outdoor can cause unnecessary stress and disappointments. Trust me, I’ve been there!

But this mishap can easily be avoided:

  • Before you take your camera out for a ride, you need to decide how you would use it.
  • If your camera will is for instance, to be mounted on your chest, then ensure you assemble it on the chest mount before you leave.
  • If you have decided to use your camera in different ways (eg. helmet, then chest, then selfie stick), the only way to ensure you won’t forget any screws/pieces is to practice beforehand and gather all your screws and pieces together.

As a beginner, it would be a good habit to put all the elements together. Practice to mount & disassemble the pieces before packing them to leave.

The starter kit comes with a small bag that I always use to gather everything in one place when I leave.

With time, it would become much easier to switch between different mounts. If I can figure it out by myself, so can you!!

Don’t forget, Practice makes perfect!

I do hope you enjoy this action camera as much as I do. Whether you decide to purchase it as a gift or for yourself, I doubt very much that you will regret your purchase.

Let me know if you have questions, and I’ll try my best to answer them.

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  1. This is perfect timing as my husband was talking about the GoPro the other day in preparation for a ski trip over Christmas. I’ve pinned this to show him later. Thanks for showing us an alternative!

    1. You’re welcome. I hope you have as much fun with the Apeman as i do!! I am grateful to have found it and so is my wallet 🙂
      Let your husband check out the video i took with it too!

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