Where is The World’s Largest Round-About?

For those of you who wonder where the World’s Largest Round-About is, I’ve got the answer for you right here!!

Indeed, the largest Round-About is a park located in the heart of Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad & Tobago (a twin-island nation located in the Southern-End of the Caribbean Region, a few kilometers away from Venezuela/the South American continent).

This round-about is called “The Queen’s Park Savannah” (also known as “The Savannah”, but I’ll shorten it to “QPS” in this article) and remains among my top favourite spots in this country.

Activities both within this park and around it makes it for being  among, if not the busiest spot in Port of Spain.

This round-about, though not perfectly round shape wise, occupies 260 acres of land and the distance around the perimeters is about 3.5 km (2.2 miles).

Bustling Activities inside the Round-About

  • Sports:

Many sports are played across the entire park by groups of friends or clubs and include the following: rugby, football, cricket.

Throughout the year, many marathons and walks are organized by various companies or NGOs, for a wide variety of causes. The most popular cause is Cancer Awareness.

Many people also use this park to exercise (running/jogging/biking) in groups, with friends or alone.

Families also enjoy taking walks with their kids, with strollers or not, though I have noticed an increase of mothers jogging around while pushing their stroller. Picnics are also common sights.

Many parents also take their kids to the QPS to learn or/and practice riding a bike, or flying a kite.

  • Festivals:

Many festivals are held at the QPS throughout the year and showcase the country’s culture in its wide diversity.

Some of these festivals put the following aspects of the culture in display:

– Music: Trinidad is the birthplace of the Steelpan instrument. Soca and Calypso also originated in Trinidad.

– Carnival: Many carnival events are held at the QPS at the beginning of each year (usually the carnival season is between January and early March, depending on the year). Trinidad is considered by millions of people (both regionally and internationally), myself included, as being the Mecca of Carnival. (Sorry Brazil, lol!)

– Art & Comedy: Dancers, Actors and Comedians perform at the QPS throughout the year.


  • Food Court & others goodies: The QPS has a Food court, which reassembles to comes to life at night and whose vendors offers local and Caribbean food. Other vendors are spread around the QPS, offering Fresh coconuts, coconut water, Snow cones, Ice cream lollipops and Oysters from their carts.

Wonders surrounding the Round-About

A drive around the QPS can makes for a rich experience to any visitors, especially those who like nature, photography, history and architecture.

I’ve listed below what you will see when going around the QPS:

  • The Magnificent Seven Houses: a group of late Victorian buildings.
  • The Emperor Valley Zoo
  • The Royal Botanic Gardens
  • The President’s House. A garden nearby is often used as backdrops for many newly-weds photos.
  • The Memorial Park
  • NAPA (National Academy for Performing Arts), inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth in November 2009. It has since hosted major events, including the opening of the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting.

A few Diplomatic missions and Oil companies offices are found around the QPS.

Also, Brian Charles Lara, one of the World’s Greatest Cricket Players of all time, resides around the QPS and host one of the most Elitist Carnival parties once a  year.

Most, if not all, Cruise Ships’ Tours stopping in Port of Spain include a drive around the QPS as it bundles some of this country’s wonders in one area.

I actually miss the many years I had to drive around the QPS on my way to and from work!! Luckily for me, it still is doesn’t require much driving for me to get to it!

If you decide to travel to Trinidad & Tobago, I do highly recommend the QPS and hope you enjoy it as much as I have since this country became my home.

A few buildings around the Round-About

The QPS' Anniversary

The 3rd week of August marks the 200th Anniversary of the purchase of the QPS for the citizens of Trinidad & Tobago.

In order to celebrate, many activities were scheduled at the QPS from August 18th to 20th, ,2017.

I published this post a few days before so as to encourage people to take part in those activities.

As for me, I registered for the Tree Planting Session scheduled on Saturday 19th August, at the QPS.

I was particularly glad about this opportunity, as I noticed that many trees succumbed to bad weather last year! The environment needs all the help it can get!!

I ended up having the honour to plant an Olive Tree, which I promise myself to check on from time to time.

After all the QPS will always be my favourite green space in Trinidad!


Queen's Park Savannah - Tree Planting Session
Poui Tree at the Queen's Park Savannah

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  1. I can’t believe they hold sporting events and concerts in the middle of this roundabout!!! So cool and very unique – thanks for sharing!

    1. Indeed, it’s such a huge space that one cannot help but enjoying it in as many ways as possible. The government also launches Fireworks there too on Independance Day, New Year’s Eve and Republic Day!

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