Hike to Paria Bay and Waterfalls


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How to get to the Hike Starting Point?

This hike starts in Blanchisseuse, a town located in the North-West of Trinidad.

Blanchisseuse is a 1.5 hour drive away from the capital, Port of Spain. It’s also 30 minutes away from the country’s most popular beach, Maracas Bay.

Parking is usually in the vicinity of the Blanchisseuse Spring Bridge. However, it is possible to drive further West, past the bridge. The road then becomes a dirt road until a pin-shaped portion of your car where you could also park. This extra drive will cut down about 30 minutes from the hike.

Hikers will head West from there. The trail is not marked, so it would be safer to be accompanied by a guide.

What to Expect from this Hike ?

This hike is considered a Challenging one and is rated 6 out of 8, on a sunny day and a 8 on a rainy day.

It would take roughly 2 hours to reach Paria Bay and an additional 30-45 minutes to arrive at Paria Waterfalls. 

This hike’s natural offering is at its best during the country’s Dry Season (December-May).

Expect lots of steep ascents and descents, often with slippery types of rocks, when wet.

This hike should only be undertaken by fit hikers only. Otherwise, you will be prone to injuries. Persons with recent knee or back injuries must avoid this hike, even if they feel fit.

Paria Waterfall
Paria Waterfall

What to do before the Hike?

  • Make sure your fitness level is up to mark, BEFORE, partaking in a hike. It’s probably not much fun to be the one keeping the whole group back.
  • Ensure you eat properly AND digest BEFORE the Hike starts.
  • Make sure you bring the right food/snacks  and in the right quantity
  • Bring enough liquid to hydrate  throughout the activity. Using a hydration backpack is rather convenient.
  • For the sake of your feet, you must wear a proper footwear: a pair of sneakers with good grip if you know the terrain will involve crossing rivers. Otherwise, hiking boots will do. Bringing watershoes is optional, for more comfort while bathing.
  • Always pack a change of clothes and a towel.
  • Ensure your electronic device(s) are secured in waterproof pouches.
  • Always walk with bags to collect your trash and discard the trash afterwards.
  • Pack some sunblock, insect repellent and meds (if any, eg. for your allergies, headaches, etc.)
  • Though it’s optional, wearing gloves during such activity gives you the freedom to slide on the floor, or grab on to anything (branch, tree, etc.) without worrying about damaging your skin. Same applies to High socks.
  • Avoid heavy alcohol consumption the night before.
  • Have a restful night prior to the day of the activity.
  • Monitor the water level, when being near a river, on rainy days.
  • For obvious Safety reasons, it’s best to venture in the woods in an organized tour/ with experienced guides.

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  1. Your posts always remind me how BIG of an island Trinidad is!! Thank you for the tips; I might just have to make a side trip if I ever make it to that beautiful beach! 🙂

    1. Yea lots to see in Trinidad. The country focuses more on its oil and energy sector so beside Tobago, the focus on tourism in Trinidad is not big. It should be ideal a place to push ecotourism though! So many hidden gems! I bet i’ll find many more!

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