Nope!! Not “A White People Thing”!!

Over the recent years, I have heard a lot of comments, due to the types of outdoor activities I have been enjoying.

There is no such thing as “A White People Thing”. We’re all Human beings and are Free to have or do whatever makes us Happy. People who use the “White People Thing” term do so because they have a narrow-minded mentality (or are simply racists). I rather ignore them rather than trying to have any kind of debate with them.

I wish that this post (and the blog on the whole) encourages more people to have an open mind, to new activities or things they are not familiar with. The fact that people call me “Crazy” for doing certain activities surely won’t stop me from keeping on doing them.

Every and anybody is entitled to do/enjoy any activities which pleases him/her. Nothing is reserved to a particular Ethnic Group (these sad days are long gone).

Activities that narrow-minded people refers to in their “White People Mentality” concept include, but are not limited to the following:

– Paragliding, SkyDiving
– Skiing, Snow boarding
– Skate boarding, Ice Skating
– Water sports (Surfing, Scuba Diving, Wake Boarding, etc.)
-Horse Riding


I can go on some more, but you probably get my drift!

I also do hope that my blog’s content will encourage people to take part in a wider range of fun activities, different from the usual day by the beach/river, nightclubs, shopping  and bar hopping types of fun. I have nothing against those, don’t give me wrong, I do enjoy them too, but it’s extra special to broaden your horizon with a wider variety of adventures.

I also refuse to think that Black people take part in certain activities because we want to make “White” Friends and/or find a “White” Boyfriend/Spouse, or because we (already) have a “White” Boyfriend/Spouse!! Nonsense!! Come on! There’s only One Human Race, the color of a human being’s skin is irrelevant. Our blood is the same color, isn’t it ?!

So basically, a lot of people seem stuck in their “ol’ time ways” of seeing the world and living on the whole. I do respect that. To each his own. However, I can only hope that they start respecting other people’s choices too! That being said, I have refused to let them refrain me from doing whatever I want with my life and you shouldn’t either.

Horse Riding

 Focus on Your Own Needs! Live YOUR Life!

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