I say “NO” to Racist Stereotypes!

Racist Stereotypes in the Caribbean

Hhmm…Racist Stereotypes!! Indeed, over the recent years and due to the types of outdoor activities I have been enjoying, I’ve heard my share of “lame” comments from my fellow Black people in the Caribbean region. “Lame” isn’t really the word I want to use, if you know what i mean.

Now, I don’t think I’ll be biais by saying that the Caribbean is one of the prettiest regions on the planet. In 2016, there was a total of 29 million tourist arrivals in the Caribbean. So yes, this alone speaks volume!

Unfortunately, I am sad to denounce that many people in the Black Community in many Caribbean islands (luckily not the majority, i think) have created this Racist stereotype which I attempt to explain below. Sadly this has been going on for decades!

I cannot recall for instance how many times I’ve heard “That’s A White People Thing”. I easily heard it in 3 different languages throughout my life.

So basically, it seems that certain hobbies/activities* for many are only “normal” if practiced by a Caucasian citizen, resident or tourists. It gets weird, frowned upon, ill-spoken when those same hobbies are practiced by a Black person.

Now, this is totally appalling. To “them”, it basically means that I am a “wannabee white chick”…..

Or, it is because I want to make a few “White” Friends and/or find a “White” Boyfriend/Spouse. Or it probably means that I (already) have a “White” Boyfriend/Spouse!! Nonsense!! Come on!

My own enjoyment is what pushes me towards certain activities.

There’s only One Human Race, the color of a human being’s skin is irrelevant. Our blood is the same color, isn’t it ?!

*Activities that I am referring to include, but are not limited to the following:

– Paragliding, ZIP LINING, SkyDiving
– Skiing, Snow boarding
– Skate boarding, Ice Skating
– Water sports (Surfing, Scuba Diving, Wake Boarding, etc.)
-Horse Riding

I could go on some more, but you probably get my drift!

Stop. Photo Credit: Michael Mroczek
Photo Credit: Michael Mroczek
Stop Racist Stereotypes. Photo Credit: Tertia Van Rensburg
Photo Credit: Tertia Van Rensburg

I Still have faith in the Human Race

Please Stop this narrow-minded mentality and stereotype from spreading out!!

We’re all Human beings and, as such, we should be Free to have or do whatever makes us Happy. Well, providing it’s at least legal!

I rather ignore people with such mentality and I will continue to do whatever floats my boat!

However, the reason I wrote this post is because I believe that this post and the adventures I share throughout this blog would inspire and encourage more people, to have an open mind to new activities they are not particularly familiar with. Things different from the usual day by the beach/river, nightclubs, shopping  and bar hopping types of fun.

Fun Activities should be accessible to all, regardless of creed and race.

Nothing should be reserved to a particular Ethnic Group. These despicable times in the Human History are long gone.

Thanks to the success of several Black sportsmen and women, there has been an improvement over the years. Certain activities are no longer considered “for Caucasian people”. Tiger Woods, Venus & Serena Williams, are a few who helped with the normalcy in seeing Black people get involved in certain sports.

Bottom line, I fully respect the “To each his own” say. My close friends would have heard me using it endless times.

I just hope that people would at least respect other people’s choices, even if these choices differs from theirs!

Horse Riding

 Focus on Your Own Needs!

Live YOUR Life!


Good Vibes Only. Photo credit: Mark Adriane
Photo credit: Mark Adriane
Peace Sign. Photo credit: Nathan Fertig
Photo Credit: Don Ross III

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6 Replies to “I say “NO” to Racist Stereotypes!”

  1. I couldn’t have said it better myself! I’ve experienced a lot of this throughout my life, especially since I grew up as a competitive swimmer. And now that I’ve been focusing my time and energy on experiencing new things and places, I’m seeing it in a different manner. You’re right…that mindset is old, outdated, and frankly, annoying. You do you, and let me do me. Great post!

  2. You are awesome. I fight this battle with my friend all the time. There is nothing stopping you from doing an activity or adventure. Except fear….. Hell I ride a motorcycle. I’m a female and I’m black. Snorkeling check, horse back riding check check. I don’t limit what I can do off of what others preseve as not cool or normal. Keep doing you love because it makes you happy.

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